Top 10 Content Writing Tips

1. Interesting and to the point

No one wants to read boring content, so make it interesting. People don’t spend much time reading text so get to the point, keep it short and sweet. The first paragraph is crucial, if it’s dull and boring your customer will go else where. Only provide the necessary information, if people have further questions they can always contact you.

2. Fast loading site

There is nothing worse than visiting a website and the first thing you see is “Loading”. You’ve lost me as a customer straight away. Keep your site simple; use HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for quick loading times. Don’t clutter your site with Flash banners and flashing text, they may look nice but do they actually add anything to your site?

3. Structure your text

Use headings and sub heading to split up your text. It helps the user find what they are looking for quickly. Try to write one paragraph at a time, keeping them as short as possible.

4. Keywords

What will people type into a search engine to find you? These are your “keywords”. Search engines consider headings, page titles, bold and linked text to be more important so try to get your keywords into these.

5. Promotion

The most important thing about your site is that without people viewing your site it is useless. Put your website on all of your letterheads, adverts and emails to get as many people to your site as possible.

6. Link Building

Ask other sites to link to yours, preferably ones that are within the same industry or that have some link to your business. Make sure the link they create has some of your keywords in it. An example could be a company in Sussex that sells Apple Juice could ask Tesco for a link that says “Apple Juice Sussex” which links to their site.

7. Don’t use images instead of text

They take longer to load and they don’t look much nicer. Plus they are not search engine friendly.

8. Make your links obvious

Most people associate underlined text as a link. Use underlines or some other way to make it obvious where your links are. On the flip side never underline text if it’s not a link, this will only confuse people.

9. Double check your content

Before making your site live make sure you use Spell Check on your content and get someone else to read through it. Grammar and spelling mistakes can make your company look very unprofessional and could cost you sales.

10. Avoid advertising on your site

If you have a site that is based on advertising then this won’t apply to you, but for other sites banners provide a quick option for people to leave your site instantly. If you do decide to have advertising banners, try to make sure they are relevant to your business.


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